Wednesday, December 13, 2017

One of the many features of our Nexus laser tag equipment is a comprehensive handicapping system. To ensure balance in games where there are both younger or newer players as well as older or more experienced players, our laser tag software can level the playing field to ensure that each type of player is able to play together.  Here's how it works: The Nexus laser tag system will continually evalute each player's standing in the game in relation to what it calculates as the average level. Using this data the handicapping system will modify vest attributes as needed to ensure that the game is as fair as possible to all skill levels.  As players do better, or worse, the system will modify the features of the vest and phaser to reflect the player's standing in relation to the average that the software calculates. Simply, this means that if a player is not doing very well and is being deactivated consistently, to the point that they are far enough below the average to trigger it, the system may add shields to that player's vest to provide them some defense.  Or, it may lower the sensitivity of the receptors on their vest to make them a tougher target.  This system is used at the discretion of Lazer Gate staff or Management to ensure that all players are able to play on the same field, even with large gaps between the skills of the players.  Lazer Gate staff or Management may activate the handicapping system in full or with only partial features depending on the situation.  If you have any questions during game play, please ask a Game Marshal, or refer to the Front Desk/Manager if you have questions between games.