Monday, November 20, 2017

Laser Mines

Lazer Gate Laser Mine
Lazer Gate's state of the art laser tag arena now has a way to tag back: Laser Mines!

Located overhead in several key locations in the arena, Laser Mines wait for you to wander underneath and then at random times, they unleash a barrage of InfraRed beams that tag ANYONE underneath it. Once tagged by a Laser Mine, the player will loose points(varies by game, but enough to make a difference) and will be deactivated for about 12 seconds! Mines are relatively easy to avoid as they will flash red and beep as a warning before they activate. When they flash white, that is the Laser Mine activating and deactivating anyone within range, typically directly below the mine. Attentive players can use the power of the Laser Mines to their own advantage as when the mine is preparing to activate it will flash green briefly. If a player tags a mine at that time, it will award points to the player for any player it deactivates. This is valid ONLY for that one activation. It forgets it's allegiance as soon as it resets. Don't confuse mines with bases, mines are much smaller and are usually out in the middle of the arena. Bases on the other hand are found in 3 spots within the enclosed, or semi enclosed areas of the arena.

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