Wednesday, December 13, 2017
  • Gold Membership
  • Silver Membership
  • Codename Button

Gold Membership - $25.00 per year

Bold items are the Gold level benefits

  • Personalized code name buttonCodename button for membership at Lazer Gate
  • One free game of laser tag
  • One free round of mini golf
  • All regular priced game packages are $1.00 off
  • Members Night - Every other Tuesday night(see calendar for details) members and a friend can each play all night for $10 each.
  • 1 Free Bounce Pass to The Landing Zone
  • $1.00 off regular priced SpinZone rides
  • Lazer Gate T-Shirt
  • Free softdrink refills
  • Discount on tokens when purchased at the Front Desk ONLY: $2.00 for a cup of 10 tokens
  • Lazer Rewards - Click here to learn more

Silver Membership $15.00 per year

  • Personalized Codename button Lazer Gate Code Name button
  • One free game of laser tag
  • One free round of mini golf
  • $1.00 off regular priced game packages
  • Members Night discount - every other Tuesday members and a friend can each pay $10 for an All Day pass. See Calendar for dates/exclusions

Codename button $5.00 per year

Codename for laser tag vest and scorecard. Your own identity and the ability to track your scores, see how you rank against other members, and even change your codename. Codenames can only be 8 characters long. 

No discounts apply with this option. Members Nights discounts are NOT included. This is for players who ONLY want a codename for their vest and scorecard.