Monday, November 20, 2017

Lazer Gate Targets
Laser Tag Targets will allow players in smaller games another way to score points by giving players something else to tag.  Targets will vary in each game, depending on game style and configuration. In general, targets will run in groups of 4 (and there are 4 groups, so 16 targets in the arena) and each group will activate randomly, either one or two targets at a time.

Alternatively they may activate in Burst Mode, or activate randomly in different colors, each color awarding a different point value.

Ask your Game Marshal for specifics.  Targets will NOT be activated in every game and are at the discretion of the Game Marshal that briefs the game.

[Lazer Gate Target]



Lazer Gate now has an upgraded system for targets! 

Targets can now grant power ups, such as Hyper Mode, Invincibility, Stealth, Multiplier, Retaliation and Team Destroyer!

There is a limit on the number of targets you can activate, currently 20, but this may be adjusted without notice at the Game Marshal's discretion.