Wednesday, December 13, 2017

lasertrap small
Lazer Gate's one of a kind Laser Trap gives you a new gaming experience that you can only get at Lazer Gate.

$1.00 per race, $2.00 for 2 player race

What is Laser Trap? 

Laser Trap is an interactive game in which players race against a maze of lasers to reach the end point as quickly as possible, scoring points for speed. The easiest way to understand it is to think of any bank/museum heist movie where the thief has to cross a field of lasers without breaking any of the beams. Same idea. No treasure. Sorry. 

The difference with our Laser Trap is that players can choose to either tackle the Trap alone, or race against a friend in 2 Player mode! Our 2 Player mode allows each player to race to the end of their room and then back to their start point to make the best time! 

Laser Trap Lasers


Please note that Laser Trap does NOT accept tokens. It only accepts dollar bills.

Laser Trap