Monday, November 20, 2017

 Laser Turret

$1.00 per game - Each Laser Turret game runs just over 2 minutes

What is a Laser Turret?

A Laser Turret is an inveractive video game located by the briefing room that allows guests at Lazer Gate to tag players in the laser tag arena. While the tags have no affect on the laser tag game, it does cause the player's vest to make a loud yell"Ow!" so that other players will know where they are.  There is no change to the laser tag player's score and it does not deactivate their vest.

They can, however, return fire and deactivate the Laser Turret for a time.  The Laser Turret has shields activated by default.  With the shields activated the Laser Turret cannot fire or be tagged. When you press the Shields button, it will lower the shields and allow the Laser Turret to tag, or be tagged. 

The Laser Turret can only be played once a game is in progress.  In the pictures, the Game Time is in red and the remaining time on the Laser Turret is in green. 

Please note that the Laser Turret does NOT take tokens, only dollar bills. Also, it is a good idea to check the number of players in the game, listed on the top right of the screen. A low number of players could mean that there will not be many targets for the Laser Turret.  While the Laser Turret does have a good view of the upstairs area of the arena, there are plenty of places to play that will not be seen by the Turret.