Monday, November 20, 2017

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SpinZone hours will vary, please call before coming just for a Spin. 508-730-1230



Addl. SpinZ-$3.00ea.

Spinzone Bumper Cars

This is not your every day bumper car! Resembling a bumper boat, Spinzone cars are equipped with two Spin Zones that, when bumped, send your car into a spin! Our battery powered cars are designed to bounce around the room while the rider safely bashes into their friends! Controlled using a joystick set of controls driving a bumper car has never been easier!

All drivers must be 42" or taller to ride alone. Sorry, no exceptions.

That doesn't leave the smaller riders out though, as we do have special seats so that an 

adult can drive the car while the child sits safely in front. This gives the child a chance to spin along with everyone else, and an up close view of all the action!

 What about the arena?

The room is a darkened, music filled room which is lit by several "party" lights that flash and shine around the room while you spin!