Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Lazer Gate opened in October 1999 with just a few party rooms, some arcade games, and a laser tag attraction that led to standing room only nights. Offering a 7500 square foot, two level arena, Lazer Gate offered something that you just couldn't get anywhere else. The old tagline "Get ready for something different in entertainment" was right on the mark. Lazer Gate became the go to place for birthday parties, group events as well as corporate events. It wasn't long before more party room space was added as well as more arcade space. Lazer Gate quickly became the local term for laser tag, with players of all ages joining the fun. During the first years Lazer Gate's laser tag was played on Crystal equipment. Long time players will remember the two trigger phasers as well as the Crystals which had power ups that you could "buy" with in game credits, which were your tag count. Check here for a look at what the cool kids used to play laser tag in 1999.

Lazer Gate's popularity continued to grow which, along with Crystal Entertainment being merged with the Zone Empire companies, resulted in the introduction of Zone's Infusionlaser tag system. The new system introduced a more flexible system of game types as well as a more robust laser tag vest and phaser. The Infusion packs were lighter and easier to use which allowed more players to enjoy the games.

In 2008 Lazer Gate completed another expansion, this one bringing not only more party rooms and arcade space, but also an entirely new attraction, Gate Golf! Lazer Gate's new blacklight mini golf course was built to offer a challenge to players of all skill levels as well as offering a beautifully designed and professionaly painted enviornment. Players on the 18 hole course were also treated to the Vortex tunnel which transports players from one side of the course to the other. To accompany our new Mini Golf course we also upgraded our old snack bar into the Cygnus 18 Cafe. With the addition of our Quick-n Crispy ovens we were now able to offer greaseless hot food items such as Chicken Tenders, French Fries and more! This expansion also saw the introduction of redemption/ticket games as well as one of the larger redemption counters around. We now had FOUR party rooms, including some larger rooms to accomodate all sizes of parties and groups. 21,000 SQ FT of FUN!

2010 saw another transition, from the aging Infusion system to Zone's flagship system, Nexus PRO. The new system saw the introduction of even lighter vests and phasers as well as a much more durable construction. Now Lazer Gate could field 42 players in each game with as many as 8 different teams using colors such as the usual Red, Blue and Green as well as Yellow, Pink, Purple, Cyan and Orange. The Nexus PRO system also saw some new game types introduced, such as Vampires and Infection!

Next we upgraded our laser tag arena, adding Mines which allow the arena to return fire at unwitting players. Soon after that we did it AGAIN, adding 16 targets which allowed a completely new level of gameplay for small games as well as power ups, something missed since those Crystals went away, for most game types.

In 2013 we opened the Laser Trap, a laser maze unlike the host of others that had started to sprout up. Custom designed for Lazer Gate by our laser tag provider, Zone System, the Laser Trap lets players run a gauntlet of laser beams for the best score. Thanks to Zone Systems, Lazer Gate is proud to be able to offer a TWO player setting that allows players to race against each other for the best score, and of course bragging rights.

We also added a Laser Turret Cannon in our lobby which allows parents or any other non players to get in on the action by zapping active players in their game. While the zapping does not affect game play or scores, it does cause the players vest to scream "OW!" in pain after each tag. Yes. Really!

In 2014 we began construction on not ONE, but TWO more attractions, Spinzone bumper cars and an inflatable bounce house area. Called The Landing Zone @ Lazer Gate, or just LZ, this expansion completed Lazer Gate's takeover of the entire 4th floor of the building. The bumper cars are unlike most others, being round cars that spin when hit in certain "spinzones". The ride also features "Chaos Mode" where you just sit back and let the car do the driving and bumping. The bounce house area promises to be THE place to bounce! Another snackbar was added for light snacks and drinks as well as a redemption arcade that caters to younger players but also has games for older players. 40,000 Square Feet of FUN!

With our multi level laser tag, Spinzone bumper cars, Laser Trap, blacklight mini golf, arcade, and bounce houses, we firmly believe that Lazer Gate is the BEST value in entertainment for the whole family in the Southcoast. Come by and try it out, we're sure that you will agree!