Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I booked a party, what's next?  

After booking a party at Lazer Gate you will receive a confirmation letter which goes over all the details of the party.  This is an important piece of paper as it lays out the party schedule, arrival time to tell guests what time to arrive, game times, what to bring, some things not to bring, and most importantly to call us by the day before the party to confirm information. 

What information? 

Most importantly to confirm the final number of guests that you are expecting as we base our pizza order on this number.  Pizza is ordered first thing on the day of your party, so calling late or letting us know when you get here will most likely result in the required pizza arriving halfway through the party. Next, you want to let us know if you need any additional pizza for your guests such as other parents, older siblings, younger siblings, various aunts, uncles, etc.  Pizza prices are here. And lastly, we'll need you to let us know if you'll have anyone else who wants to play with the party.  So if you want to take this chance to shoot your kids with harmless infrared beams and take satisfaction in saying "Mom/Dad just fragged you!"  then THIS is the chance you're waiting for. (Note: for those who may not by UP on gaming verbiage, "frag" simply means to deactivate your opponent (in video games usually called a "kill", but we'll just call it a "deact") In all seriousness, this is the time to reserve spots for anyone who wants to play with the party. Since the games are not private we CANNOT guarantee any availablilty on the day of the party.  You are not charged until the person actually plays the game if you're paying for them, so if someone says "maybe...", tell us yes so the spot is saved.  We can always open up the spot if they decide not to play, but once the game is full, the game is full.  

Ok, once I get to Lazer Gate, now what?  

Once you arrive at Lazer Gate you'll want to check in at the Front Desk.  Not sure where that is? Head down the hallway, keep going straight until you are in front of an arch. Look in that direction (to your right if you walked straight in), the people watching you look up and now at them are the ones behind the Front Desk.  Let them know the last name of the person that booked the party and someone will head off to retrieve your party coach.  Once you're with your party coach, breathe easy, you've done all the "heavy lifting", the rest is our job.  

Wait, why is my room not ready??? I'm here at the time that you told me to be!  

Quite simply, we understand that some of your guests may run late. That is the reason for the 30 minute check in time.  It allows your guests to run a little late and not miss out on any of the fun!  If you arrive promptly for your check in time, your party coach will take your cake/ice cream/ice cream cake, etc. and put it in our office, or freezer as appropriate unti needed.  We will then ask you to have a seat in the arcade or snackbar area while the party coach takes care of your guests as they arrive. First off the guest of honor, the birthday child will get his membership taken care of (for Ultimate or Extreme packages). Next, the party coach will take down the kids names and beverage order so that everything runs smoothly after they are done with their laser tag game.  The party that has your room when you walk in will be ending within 15 minutes of your arrival at which time the party coach will clean up what's left of their party so nary a trace will be found. They will reset the room and gather the kids for their first game a few minutes before we call the game for the rest of the public players so we can ensure everyone is ready to go. Everything is well in hand we assure you! If you have any questions, be sure to ask your party coach.  Anything they cannot answer themselves they will be able to get you an answer.

  What if I don't want my kids to have soda, or someone has an allergy?  

These are things to let us know when you book the party if possible.  If soda is not desired we can also provide Gatorade Fruit Punch, or pitchers of water.  You can also bring your own drinks if you desire.    If someone has an allergy and would not be able to partake of the pizza, such as a dairy allergy, we do have alternatives, such as gluten free pizza.  Give us a call if you've already booked, or if you're already here and you're reading this on your phone/iPad/etc. find someone with a Lazer Gate staff shirt if you don't see your party coach at the moment, and let them know which party you're with and the issue.  The party coach or staff member will go over the alternatives.  

How long are the laser tag games/golf games?  

The laser tag games are 20 minutes long.  The game itself is 15 minutes with about 5 minutes allocated for the briefing, how to play, and then vesting, choosing teams.   For mini golf, it really varies.  A typical golf game takes about 20-30 minutes.  If the players are keeping score, it would be closer to 30 minutes, if they players are just playing for fun, it would be closer to 20 minutes. For birthday parties, the mini golf game is done towards the end of the party room time.  This is to ensure that everything that needs to be done in the room is completed before the kids go to play golf. This way they have plenty of time on the course and don't have to rush back to the party room.