Monday, October 23, 2017

So what does a Lazer Gate Birthday Membership involve?

Part of the Ultimate Mission or Extreme Mission party packages are a membership for the Birthday Child.

All features are valid for one year.

Here's what it includes:

Personalized membership card which is used for future visits. 

Codename button - This button works with the laser tag vests to reprogram the vest with a personalized codename that will show on the scoreboard and on the scorecards. Players can also use the button at our Membership Terminal to track their scores, games, and even change their codename!

A free game of laser tag and a free round of blacklight mini golf are also included with the membership.  The membership card must be presented to use the free game and free round.

Discounts on token packages!  Members are eligible to purchase token packages at the Front Desk at a discount.  This does NOT apply to tokens purchased through the token machine. We cannot refund/return tokens purchased. Please be sure to buy them from the Front Desk and try to have your membership card with you.

Free refills on soft drink purchases.  After purchasing a soft drink with your membership card you will be eligible for refills for the rest of the day!

Member Nights - Every other Tuesday is Members Night at Lazer Gate. This allows members, and one friend, to play all day laser tag for just $10 per player instead of $15. Members Night is preempted on certain days such as holidays or vacation weeks.  Be sure to See calendar for dates. 

Lazer Gate Rewards - A new rewards program is included on birthday memberships.  This program currently rewards players on return visits. When you hit a predetermined spending threshold you receive a FREE game! You MUST present the membership card for any purchases to count towards the rewards program. Previous purchases do not apply. More discounts may be added, and threshold is subject to change.  Best of all, we track everything so you don't need to. No cards to punch, no passes to lose, it's all on the membership card. 

Want a membership but not as part of a party?  Check here for details on our membership packages.  The Birthday Membership is the Gold level package.

Birthday Memberships, discounts, free games, rewards: ONLY at Lazer Gate!