Changes on May 29th

With the ending of the capacity limits in Massachusetts, Lazer Gate will be returning to normal as much as we can. Here is what to expect on the 29th when the limits are removed.

  • Laser Tag games will return to full capacity.  While we are confident that the games can be played safely at full capacity we will monitor the situation in case there is a need to modify our approach.
  • Midnight Madness and All Day Passes will return! Midnight Madness will return next Friday as Friday May 28th will still be under the restrictions.  All Day Passes will resume on Saturday May 29th.
  • Laser tag games will  return to full length.  Pricing will be updated to reflect the full length games. 
  • Birthday parties will be able to invite more guests as our room capacity will return to full capacity.  We will maintain physical distancing as much as possible in the party room which may result in continuing to ask parents and other guests to wait in the arcade or cycle through for pizza and cake times. 
  • Face coverings will be optional. As the guidance for face coverings is….. complicated at best, we will not require them as we have no desire to question anyone about their vaccination status.  We will require all guests to be respectful of others and maintain physical distancing as much as possible.  
  • We will continue to use plexiglass shields at our laser tag desk, scorecard counter, snackbar and redemption counters.  Guests will also continue to be encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands after laser tag/mini golf.  
  • The arcade will continue to be physically distanced, both for the games and seating. 
  • Reservations will continue to be taken over the phone. The need will lessen for smaller groups, but we will gladly take them for any size group if you would like to ensure a game time.  We will not reserve Midnight Madness or All Day Passes. Those remain first come first served. 

We are excited to return to as much normalcy as we can!  We will of course monitor all parts of our operation and may modify procedures and policies if needed for safety.  We look forward to seeing you and for plenty of pew pew pews!