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A Lazer Gate Code Name Card is your key to all of your laser stats, previous games, achievements and more!  A Code Name Card is a standalone product as it is not tied to anything other than registering the card for use.  After registering, the card is valid for as long as you want to use it.  It does not expire.

Simply put, a Lazer Gate Code Name Card gives you a personalized code name to use on the laser tag vests.  This will replace the stock name and allow any player that you tag to see your name and avatar on their phasor screen when it reports the tag.

How to register your Code Name Card

First you will need to visit the online Membership website and choose Registration.

The next page will ask if you have a QR code.  The QR code for your Code Name card is in the confirmation email.  It is not in the attached PDF, it’s part of the email which should make it easier to cut and paste.  The QR code is labeled and should look like this : 16650000XXXXXXXX   where the X’s are the last numbers of the code.


Next you will need an Alias, otherwise know as a Code Name.  The Alias needs to be between 2 and 12 characters.  This is the Code Name that will appear on the scoreboard as well as on the scorecard.  The Code Name will also show on the phasor of everyone that the player tags. 

The Code Name Card does require an email address to register.  The email address used will be the login, so if you are registering for your child make sure to use an email address that will be able to receive and respond to an activation email.  Also make sure that the child will be able to access it in the future since it will be the method used for verification or password lookups/resets.

Here you will also choose a password and password hint. 

The next page will ask for some information.  Only starred fields are required to register such as Date of birth and Mobile number (which can be any phone number, it doesn’t have to be a cell)

Anything that isn’t starred, you can skip. 

Next page shows the option to upload a profile picture, just click Skip as it has been disabled.  

After clicking Skip it will bring you to the Avatar page where you can choose an avatar for the Code Name card.  This picture will show on the scoreboard as it lists the tags in each game as well as on the phasor of everyone that player tags during the games.

The last page will ask you to accept the terms and conditions.  Please note that the Terms and Conditions are for our laser tag provider, Zone Laser Tag, as this is their software package.  

The system will send an email to the address given earlier to confirm that the account was setup by the correct person, similar to most online registrations now. Once that email is confirmed the account will be activated and will be ready for use.  

If you have any questions please give us a call, leave a message with an email address if it’s out of hours: 508-730-1230.  Or email