Jason Returns to Lazer Gate

[Jason Returns to Lazer Gate]

Jason will be making his return to Lazer Gate for the Halloween season on Friday October 15 and 29.  Somewhere in the Lazer Gate arena during Midnight Madness, you will find the immortal Jason. Or perhaps he will find you. 

Tickets for Midnight Madness are available at 7:30pm on the day of the event.  $19 per player, or $17 for Gold/Birthday Members.

This is not a night to be a laser tag……….. camper. (please don’t unfollow us…)

Be aware: This event may be too intense for some small children and some adults. Parental discretion is advised!

Jason will not be in every game during Midnight Madness (even monsters need a break). You MAY see Jason enjoying some arcade games during the night.  Feel free to ask for a picture.  Please be aware that an adverse reaction may occur when asking Jason to take a picture.

[Jason remembers to sanitize]