Corporate Events

Whether it’s you and some co-workers looking to blow off some steam, or the whole office coming in as a workday getaway/”team building” excercise, Lazer Gate has something you!

Office managers: Are your employees counting the minutes until Friday each week? Are they mumbling about losing their favorite stapler?

Bring them to Lazer Gate for a high tech release of whatever they have built up.  Want your team to work better as a team? Lazer Gate’s team building games are fun, fast paced, goal driven, and require that each team work together to come out on top!

With our Base Defense game we offer a simple goal, score on the other team’s goal more than they score on yours. Simple in theory. But the win goes to the team that works out the best defensive plan as well as the best offensive plan. Team members NEED to communicate with each other as to where the other team is coming, if they need help defending, and coordinating their offense to score enough points to come out on top!

With our Team Elimination game each team has a set number of lives and must protect each other while tagging the opposing teams to wear down their number of lives. When the team’s collective pool of lives is used up, the entire team is eliminated and must wait for the next game to avenge their early demise.

Or we can just load them up with a laser and a vest, point them in the direction of the arena and say “Go for it” in a free for all tag fest that will have everyone vying for the top spot.

Make no mistake, this isn’t something that is just for kids. Groups of all ages enjoy tagging each other with harmless beams of InfraRed. Most first timers are surprised at how competitive, energizing, and just how much fun it is.

Call, 508-730-1230 to let us know what you are looking for and we will be glad to go over the perfect afternoon “off” for your office.