Reopening Changes

Please Read: How it will work

There have been some changes to how we operate, due to the guidelines for reopening in the COVID world. These changes may be amended as the guidelines we have to follow are always subject to change.

Call ahead not required

It is not required to schedule ahead. As always if you are coming with a group, 5 or more, we would recommend calling on the day that you are visiting. Due to our lowered capacity, we cannot guarantee rescheduling missed games. Plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to game time.

Game Times/Length

Game times have been trimmed down to 10 minutes from 15 minutes. This will allow us to run games on a reasonable schedule and also wipe down the vests and phasors as they are used.  As we are deeply invested in keeping all of our guests safe in the COVID world this is the best solution to balance gameplay with safety. 


Due to so many reasons our pricing has changed. It will work like this: 1st game $6.50, 2nd game $6.50, 3rd or more games $5.00 per game. This lowers the 1 and 2 game packages, and raises the 3 or higher. Mini Golf will follow the same pricing for single or multiple (laser tag and mini golf) packages. The emphasis, due to capacity limits, is on the one and two game package. If the restrictions are relaxed as we move forward we will revisit the price and schedule.

No Midnight Madness or All Day Passes

Due to capacity limits we are going to hold off on these two programs for now. They are not gone, just sidelined due to the reopening restrictions.

No hot food

For now we not be offering our hot foods like chicken nuggets, tenders, etc. Our snackbar will run with packaged snacks or soft drinks. This is also not a permanent change and will be revisited as reopening guidelines move forward.

We are excited to be back and look forward to much more, masked and physically distanced, pew pew pew!