Lazer Gate Birthday Party discounts

Discounts for birthday parties at Lazer Gate

Lazer Gate is announcing birthday party discounts for first responders and returning parties.

First off we would like to offer a discount to those who serve. Military, Police, Fire Dept., EMTs, EMS, and other first responders will be eligible for a 10% discount on the base party price. Proof of eligibility IS required. Thank you, for your service, for your endless overnights, and for putting yourself in places that most of us would never dream of. From all of the staff at Lazer Gate, Thank you.

Also we would like to welcome back previous guests for another party. Any customer who has held a birthday party at Lazer Gate in the past (as far as we can validate, which is approx. 2014), will be given a 10% discount on the base party price. This is not something you can do while booking online. Once you get the confirmation email, reply back with the fact that you have partied with Lazer Gate previously. Please include the phone number the parte would be listed under or address if either has changed. Also consider if one parent has a different last name, that the booking may be under that name depending on who booked the party.

Neither of these discounts will apply to extra players, tokens that are not included, extra games, pizza or drinks. The birthday party discount is figured only on the base price of the party package.


4 responses to “Lazer Gate Birthday Party discounts”

  1. Lauren Gonsalves Avatar
    Lauren Gonsalves

    Hi I just booked a party then saw the first responder discount which we are. Wondering how I execute that now.

    1. Mulder Avatar

      Sorry, the notifications aren’t exactly notifying me of these comments. I found your party and it’s handled. Please just bring in whatever ID you have to verify for the discount at the party.

  2. Jennifer goncalves Avatar
    Jennifer goncalves

    Looking to book for my sons 6th birthday, In June wanted to know what kind of birthday packages you guys have? Thank you

    1. Mulder Avatar

      Hi Jennifer, sorry, the notices don’t work quite right on these messages. We will be closing at this location this week and with the possible time to rebuild somewhere else, we will probably not be able to take a June party. We will update the webpage and facebook once we have something definite. Sorry!

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