[Laser Tag Targets] Targets in the laser tag arena are small round devices that will flash when active.  If you tag them when they are active they will grant points based on the color. Targets can also be used in some game formats as recharges, power ups, or to even show where opponents are in games like Midnight Madness! Check with the Game Marshal for the specifics on your game.

[Red Target]

Points are awarded based on the color of the target

White500 Points
Pink or Purple350 Points
Yellow or Cyan250 Points
Red, Blue or Green100 Points
Hit Values

Targets in Power Up format

This format is used only in certain formats, typically Team formats. Ask the Game Marshal what format is being used.

Power UpTarget ColorDescriptionDuration
Hyper ModeRedShot rate is increased, deactivation and stun times are lowered30 seconds
Team DestroyerBlueHitting an opposing player deactivates the entire team8 seconds
ShieldsGreenAdds two shieldsTill used
InvincibilityWhitePlayer can’t be tagged15 seconds
Score MultiplierYellowDoubles points awarded (does not double base points)30 seconds
StealthPurpleTurns off all vest lights, except phasor screen.30 seconds
RetaliationCyanAfter being tagged the phaser will automatically return fire30 seconds
Power Ups

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